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The UT Knoxville Experts Guide is a directory of selected faculty who are available to provide quotes, background information, and comments on a wide variety of topics. This is a resource for members of the media but not an exhaustive list of experts.

Today’s Trending Issues

David Clarke

David Clarke on Transportation Issues

David Clarke is a civil engineer and a nationally recognized expert on transportation issues, especially those pertaining to rail or freight.

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Lynne Parker on Artificial Intelligence

Lynne is an expert in distributed mobile robotics, human-robot interaction, distributed intelligence, and sensor networks.

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Joshua Fu on Climate Change

Joshua Fu is a globally-recognized expert in climate change, air quality, air pollution, carbon release, water availability, and extreme weather events.

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Jack Dongarra

Jack Dongarra on Supercomputing

Jack is an expert in high-performance computing and supercomputing.

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Ted Stank

Ted Stank on Supply Chain Management

Ted’s research focuses on global supply chain issues and strategic implications of supply chain performance.

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Kelsey Ellis

Kelsey Ellis on Winter Tornados

Kelsey’s research focuses mainly on extreme and hazardous weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures and precipitation.

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