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The UT Knoxville Experts Guide is a directory of selected faculty who are available to provide quotes, background information, and comments on a wide variety of topics.

Today’s Trending Issues

Patricia Roberson

Patricia Roberson on Family Strain and Health

Patricia studies marriage and family relationships and how they are linked to health outcomes.

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Shandra Forrest-Bank

Shandra Forrest-Bank on the Opioid Epidemic

Shandra has a background in community-based addiction treatment programs and has worked with hundreds of people struggling with opioids.

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Amber Roessner

Amber Roessner on President Jimmy Carter

Amber has studied the life of Jimmy Carter, a political outsider who rose to the presidency in a transformational moment in American politics and journalism.

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Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy on Holiday Season Nutrition

Lee is a nutrition instructor with expertise in wellness, public health nutrition, and weight loss.

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Richard Pacelle

Richard Pacelle on the Presidential Election

Richard is an expert on the US Supreme Court, American politics, constitutional law, civil liberties, and the judicial process.

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Maurice Stucke

Maurice Stucke on Internet Regulation

Maurice specializes in antitrust law, competition policy, privacy law, and behavioral law and economics.

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