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The UT Knoxville Experts Guide is a directory of selected faculty who are available to provide quotes, background information, and comments on a wide variety of topics.

Today’s Trending Issues

Amber Roessner

Amber Roessner on Sports History

Amber is an expert in the history of sports journalism.

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Natalie Bumgarner on Fruit/Vegetable Production

Natalie is a residential and consumer horticulture expert.

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Deborah Welsh

Deborah Welsh on College Transition

Deborah studies transition to college and emerging adulthood.

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Robert Kronick

Robert Kronick on Elementary Education

Robert is best known for bringing health, community, and social services to children within their elementary schools through the University Assisted Community Schools program.

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Jedediah Blanton

Jedediah Blanton on Athlete Health

Jedediah studies the psychosocial aspects of sport in the development of leadership and life skills in youth athletes.

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LeAnn Luna

LeAnn Luna on Tax Free Weekend

LeAnn’s primary research interest is state and local tax policy with a focus on sales and use taxes and the state corporate income tax.

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