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The UT Knoxville Experts Guide is a directory of selected faculty who are available to provide quotes, background information, and comments on a wide variety of topics.

Today’s Trending Issues

Richard Pacelle

Richard Pacelle on American Politics

Richard is an expert on the US Supreme Court whose other interests include the judicial process and American politics.

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LeAnn Luna

LeAnn Luna on Accounting

LeAnn’s research interests include state and local tax policy, e-commerce, and 529 college savings plans.

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Patricia Roberson

Patricia Roberson on Health Outcomes

Patricia studies marriage and family relationships and how they are linked to health outcomes.

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Chad Autry

Chad Autry on Supply Chain Management

Chad is an expert in supply planning and forecasting, supply chain strategy and operations, and retail supply and demand issues.

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Terry Hazen

Terry Hazen on Environmental Biotechnology

Terry specializes in microbial ecology, water quality, bioremediation, climate change, and bioenergy.

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Brandon Winford

Brandon Winford on African Americans in US History

Brandon can discuss the experiences of African Americans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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