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The UT Knoxville Experts Guide is a directory of selected faculty who are available to provide quotes, background information, and comments on a wide variety of topics. This is a resource for members of the media but not an exhaustive list of experts.

Today’s Trending Issues

Robert Bland on the African American Experience 

Robert specializes in late nineteenth and early twentieth century United States history, with a research focus on the African American experience and postbellum South.

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Amy Rauer on Relationships at Holiday

Amy’s research has focused on adulthood and aging.

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Kandi Hollenbach

Kandi Hollenbach on Foraging to Food Production

Kandi is a paleoethnobotanist who studies the shift from foraging to food production.

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Shay Scott

Shay Scott on Demand Management

Shay executive director of the Global Supply Chain Institute, has expertise in supply chain management and demand management.

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Yilu Liu

Yilu Liu on Smart Grids

Yilu specializes in smart-grid technologies in electrical power production and distribution.

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Erin Darby

Erin Darby on Judaism

Erin’s work is focused on Early Judaism and the Hebrew Bible.

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