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John Schwartz

Director of Tennessee Water Resources Research Center

John Schwartz is a leading authority on water resources, including sedimentation, pollution, stream restoration, modelling, and ecology.


Michela Taufer

Director of the Global Computing Lab

Michela Taufer is a world-renowned authority in supercomputing, specifically in edge computing.


Cong Trinh

Ferguson Faculty Fellow in Chemical Engineering

Cong Trinh’s research combines biology and engineering, with a particular focus on cell pathology, structure, and behavior.


Uday Vaidya

UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Advanced Composites Manufacturing

Uday Vaidya is a leading expert in advanced materials, particularly related to composites and advanced manufacturing techniques.


Brian Wirth

UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Computational Nuclear Engineering

Brian Wirth’s research investigates the performance of nuclear fuels and structural materials in nuclear environments.

Tim Zawodzinski
Chemical & Bio Engineering

Tom Zawodzinski

UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Electrical Energy Conversion and Storage

Tom Zawodzinski’s focus is on making fuel cells and other energy storage technologies more durable over time.